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File:Back - Lorekeeper.png
The backside of the Lorekeeper class

Lorekeeper is a class option for the Mage archetype, available to all Mage Heroes. It is part of the second round of Hybrid classes, introduced in Lost Legends. It hybridizes with any class belonging to the Healer archetype.

As a hybrid class, it gets a limited number of skills itself, and cannot gain the high-end skills of the class it hybridizes with. For example, were it to hybridize with the Prophet class, the Lorekeeper would be able to purchase any class card of the Prophet class (as well as any class card of the Lorekeeper class itself) except Focused Insights or Omniscience, since either of those would cost 3 experience points.

The Lorekeeper starting equipment is determined by the Healer class it hybridizes with. Like other hybrid classes, it only receives four skills on it's own, the rest of it's skills dependent on the class it hybridizes with.

List of Skills

Name XP Text Play Cost
Interdisciplinary When you gain this card, choose 1 standard Class deck belonging to the Healer archetype.
When you spend experience points, you may purchase skills from either Class deck, exluding cards with an XP cost of 3 from the chosen standard Class deck.
Ancient Remedy 1 You gain +X Health where X is your Knowledge.
Exhaust this card when a hero within 3 spaces of you gains a Condition.
Test Knowledge. If you succees, that hero immediately discards that Condition.
2 Fatigue
Careful Balance 2 Exhaust this card when you perform an attack, before dice are rolled. Suffer any amount of damage, up to your Knowledge. That attack gains +1 Heart for each Heart you suffer.
If the monster suffers Heart during this attack, recover 2 Heart.
1 Fatigue
All-Knowing 3 Apply +1 to your Knowledge (to a maximum of 6).
Choose any number of your other skill cards and test Knowledge. Add Shield to the results equal to the number of chosen cards. If you pass, refresh each of those cards and ignore their fatigue cost until the end of the round.
1 Fatigue