Word of Misery

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Word of Misery
Word of Misery
Card Stats
Card Type: Overlord Card
Class: Basic
Type: Magic
Basic starting card
DJ01 Base Game
Play this card at the start of your turn. During this turn, each time a hero suffers any Heart, he also suffers 1 Fatigue in addition to the Heart suffered.


Does "Word of Misery" cause a hero to suffer 1 fatigue for each damage suffered?
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No, "Word of Misery" causes a hero to suffer 1 fatigue each time he would suffer any amount of damage. For example, if a hero suffers 3 damage, he would suffer 1 fatigue in addition to the 3 damage he suffered.
Source[1] official FAQ v1.6 page 4
If a hero has suffered fatigue equal to his Stamina and is affected by "Word of Misery", would the damage he suffers in place of the fatigue trigger the effect again?
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Source[2] official FAQ v1.6 page 4
Regarding Familiars: According to rules, only 3 effects can affect Characters Treated As Heroes: monster attacks, hero abilities, and Overlord cards that target a hero.
What about overlord cards: Word of Misery, Word of Pain, Word of Despair, Diabolic Power? Do they affect something treated like a hero?
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Word of Misery, Pain, Despair, all yes. Diabolic Power could be quite devastating to a group of NPCs, but affirmative to that as well.
Source[3] Justin Kemppainen, Game Developer

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