Trenloe the Strong

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For the Conversion Kit version of Trenloe the Strong, see Trenloe the Strong (Conversion Kit).
Trenloe the Strong
Hero - Trenloe the Strong.png

Speed: 3

Health: 12

Stamina: 3

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 4

Might: 4

Knowledge: 1

Awareness: 2

Race: Human
Hero Ability
Each of your attacks gains: +1 Heart
Each time you are affected by an attack, add 1 Shield to your defense results.
Heroic Feat
Use when you perform an attack action, before dice are rolled. Choose and remove 1 defense die from the defense pool of your target.
I will stand when none others do. Though my body may fail, my courage will never break!


Many mistakenly attribute Trenloe’s title to his abilities: to march for days without rest or to cleave through iron plate with one blow. But it is Trenloe’s determination and undying loyalty to his friends, that has earned him his name. His comrades may joke that his greatest skill is stubbornness, but if asked to pick a man to guard their backs, it is always Trenloe the Strong.


  • Trenloe the Strong first appeared in the base game from Descent: Journeys in the Dark (first edition).