Laurel of Bloodwood

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For the Conversion Kit version of Laurel of Bloodwood, see Laurel of Bloodwood (Conversion Kit).
Laurel of Bloodwood
Hero - Laurel of Bloodwood.png

Speed: 4

Health: 8

Stamina: 5

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 2

Might: 2

Knowledge: 3

Awareness: 4

Race: Elf
Hero Ability
Each time you perform a Ranged attack and the total range exceeds the distance to the target, that attack gains +1 Heart.
Heroic Feat
Action: Perform an attack with a Ranged weapon. If you roll an X, treat it as a blank result. This attack gains +10 Range, and adds 1 Surge to the results.
Herald and reaper, my arrow calls your name; answer with silence and blood.


It was Laurel’s ancestors that soaked the barren plains of Di’zon with the blood of 10,000 barbaric invaders. Returning the following morning, the elven defenders found saplings as red as scarlet had sprung up, covering the entire expanse. Laurel is proud of her heritage: having fulfilled her years of service, she now travels the world, displaying the skill and cunning that belongs to a sister of Bloodwood.


  • Laurel of Bloodwood first appeared in the Well of Darkness expansion from Descent: Journeys in the Dark (first edition).