Imploding Rift

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Imploding Rift
Imploding Rift
Card Stats
Card Type: Overlord Card
Class: Shadowmancer
Type: Trap
XP cost: 1 XP
DJ07 - Shadow of Nerekhall
DJ07 Shadow of Nerekhall
Play this card when a hero enters an empty space. That hero and each hero adjacent to him tests Willpower. Each hero that fails suffers Fatigue up to his stamina.


What does "hero suffers fatigue up to his Stamina" mean?
  • Option 1: Does the hero get so much fatigue as his stamina (and excess in wounds)?
  • Option 2: Does he simply set his fatigue to his stamina value (if it is not more already in some extra rare cases)?
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Option 2. You add stamina tokens until it's full (equal to max. stamina on hero's sheet)
Option 1 would be worded "equal to."
Source[1] BoardGameGeeks Users JanMarian and Sarcasmorator

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