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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to validate the hero class. It returns a consistent capitalised version, or an empty string on an invalid hero class.
Input Returns
apothecary Apothecary
avenger Avenger
bard Bard
battlemage Battlemage
beastmaster Beastmaster
berserker Berserker
bounty hunter
Bounty Hunter
champion Champion
conjurer Conjurer
crusader Crusader
disciple Disciple
elementalist Elementalist
geomancer Geomancer
hexer Hexer
heretic Heretic
knight Knight
lorekeeper Lorekeeper
marshal Marshal
monk Monk
necromancer Necromancer
prophet Prophet
raider Raider
ravager Ravager
runemaster Runemaster
shadow walker
Shadow Walker
skirmisher Skirmisher
soul reaper
Soul Reaper
spiritspeaker Spiritspeaker
stalker Stalker
steelcaster Steelcaster
thief Thief
treasure hunter
Treasure Hunter
trickster Trickster
truthseer Truthseer
watchman Watchman
wildlander Wildlander
Default (empty)

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