Red Scorpion

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Red Scorpion
Hero - Red Scorpion.png

Speed: 5

Health: 8

Stamina: 5

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 3

Might: 3

Knowledge: 3

Awareness: 3

Race: Human
Hero Ability
At the end of your turn, you may suffer 1 Fatigue to recover 1 Heart, or suffer 1 Heart to recover 1 Fatigue.
Heroic Feat
Use when you are attacked to force the attacking monster to reroll some or all of the atack dice (you choose which dice). The new results must be applied.
Balance is the essence of success. To succeed, one must be balanced in all things.


Also appears in:

  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark Base Game [2005]
  • Runebound (Second Edition) Base Game [2005]
  • Runewars Base Game [2010]
  • Runebound (Third Edition) - The Gilded Blade Adventure Pack [2016]