Laughin Buldar

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Laughin Buldar
Hero - Laughin Buldar.png

Speed: 3

Health: 14

Stamina: 3

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 2

Might: 4

Knowledge: 2

Awareness: 3

Race: Human
Hero Ability
You may treat 1 of your equipped Melee weapons as if it only had 1 hand icon (even if it has 2 hand icons).
Heroic Feat
Use as your entire activation to perform 3 attack actions. If you do, you cannot move this turn, not even by suffering Fatigue.
Courage, my brothers! Surrender yourselves to the joy of battle and we shall meet our destiny together!


Also appears in:

  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark - Tomb of Ice Expansion [2008]
  • Runebound (Second Edition) - The Frozen Wastes Expansion [2009]