Grisban the Thirsty

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Grisban the Thirsty
Hero - Grisban the Thirsty.png

Speed: 3

Health: 14

Stamina: 4

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 3

Might: 5

Knowledge: 2

Awareness: 1

Race: Dwarf
Hero Ability
Each time you perform a rest action, you may immediately discard 1 Condition card from yourself.
Heroic Feat
Use during your turn to perform 1 attack action. This is in addition to your 2 actions on your turn.
All this killing is thirsty work. Drink with me!


At first glance, Grisban's story is an old and familiar one. A dwarf from Dunwarr, Grisban has left the mountains to travel through Terrinoth, making his way as a mercenary. His skill with an axe is undeniable and his love of good, strong beer memorable. An oft-repeated joke (oft-repeated by Grisban, at least), is that no one is certain if his name should be “Grisban the Bloodthirsty” or “Grisban the Beer-thirsty.” Consensus seems to have settled on simply “the Thirsty.” Grisban drinks with a will and fights with a terrible rage, both seeming to hint at a darker reason for leaving his home than he has yet been willing to share.


This herosheet used to show the ability text below, but was changed to the above text in the FAQ: Source[1]

Each time you recover fatigue from performing a rest action, you may also discard 1 Condition card from yourself.

The change was made to clarify that the "rest action" is what triggers the removal of the condition and not the "recovering of fatigue".


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