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For the Conversion Kit version of Astarra, see Astarra (Conversion Kit).
Hero - Astarra.png

Speed: 4

Health: 10

Stamina: 5

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 4

Might: 1

Knowledge: 4

Awareness: 2

Race: Human
Hero Ability
Once per round, you may spend 1 movement point to remove your figure from the map and place it in an empty space adjacent to 1 hero who is within 3 spaces of you.
Heroic Feat
Use at the start of your turn to move each other figure within 3 spaces of you 1 space.
You’d be surprised what you can learn when you've no one to tell you how to think.


In each generation, a few brilliant minds provide small contributions to the growth and establishment of rune magic. The decades of dedication necessary for this task never interested Astarra, who preferred a quicker, more direct path. Even after being expelled from the University of Greyhaven for knowing far more than she should, Astarra continued to develop her gift by seeking out Runemasters who would share their secrets.