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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to return a color code based on the requested type.
{{Type Color|type=<type>}}
Input Returns
Healer_background rgb(204,221,255)
Healer_border rgb(0,85,255)
Healer_herosheet rgb(155,188,255)
Mage_background rgb(250,230,200)
Mage_border rgb(255,225,0)
Mage_herosheet rgb(210,170,60)
Warrior_background rgb(230,180,180)
Warrior_border rgb(255,0,0)
Warrior_herosheet rgb(230,140,140)
Scout_background rgb(190,210,190)
Scout_border rgb(0,180,0)
Scout_herosheet rgb(100,170,100)
Overlord_background rgb(200,160,160)
Overlord_border rgb(128,25,25)
_background rgb(239,239,244)
_border rgb(179,183,191)
Default (empty) rgb(179,183,191)

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