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For the Conversion Kit version of Steelhorns, see Steelhorns (Conversion Kit).

Speed: 4

Health: 14

Stamina: 3

Defense: Gray

Willpower: 3

Might: 5

Knowledge: 1

Awareness: 2

Race: Minotaur
Hero Ability
Each time you perform an attack that targets a figure adjacent to you that was not adjacent to you at the start of your turn, that attack gains +1 Heart.
Heroic Feat
Use during your turn. Roll 1 power die of your choice. You and each figure adjacent to you suffers Heart equal to the Heart rolled. If you roll at least 1 Surge, you may also move each affected figure up to 1 space.
Friends are an awful lot like foes. Neither knows when to get out of my way.


An oddity of his race, Steelhorns is one of the few minotaurs who does not prefer a solitary existence. Although all of his social interactions are difficult, he longs for camaraderie and companionship more than anything. He is dedicated to his gift and calling, however, and will never sacrifice the good he can do as a skilled and mighty warrior for the friendship he deeply and sorely desires.