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File:Back - Avenger.png
The backside of the Avenger class

Avenger is a class option for the Warrior archetype, available to all Warrior Heroes. It is part of the second round of Hybrid classes, introduced in Lost Legends. It hybridizes with any class belonging to the ??? archetype.

As a hybrid class, it gets a limited number of skills itself, and cannot gain the high-end skills of the class it hybridizes with. For example, were it to hybridize with the ??? class, the Avenger would be able to purchase any class card of the ??? class (as well as any class card of the Avenger class itself) except ??? or ???, since either of those would cost 3 experience points.

The Avenger starting equipment is determined by the ??? class it hybridizes with. Like other hybrid classes, it only receives four skills on it's own, the rest of it's skills dependent on the class it hybridizes with.

List of Skills

Name XP Text Play Cost
Justicar When you gain this card, choose 1 standard Class deck belonging to the Healer archetype.
When you spend experience points, you may purchase skills from either Class deck, exluding cards with an XP cost of 3 from the chosen standard Class deck.
Holy Champion 1 When another hero within 3 spaces of you deals Heart during an attack, put 1 damage token on this card.
During your turn, you may discard 2 damage tokens from this card to recover 1 Fatigue.
If you are defeated, discard all tokens from this card.
Vengeful Smite 2 When another hero within 3 spaces of you suffers Heart during an attack, place 1 damage token on this card. When you perform an attack, before dice are rolled, you may discard 2 damage tokens from this card. If you do, that attack gains +2 Heart and Pierce 2. -
Death from Above 3 Use this card after a monster resolves an attach that targets another hero. Discard 2 damage tokens from either Holy Champion or Vengeful Smite and place yourself in a place adjacent to that hero. You may then perform an attack that targets that monster without using an action. 1 Fatigue